Comelec Voter Data Dump Site

You may be doing more harm than good!

Disclaimer: I'm not a registered voter.

Comelec Voter Data Dump Site

With that being said, I'm saying this on behalf of non-registered voters out there that we're thankful that our private information doesn't get to be shared. But even so, We should be worried about our parents, siblings or friends though. Days ago everyone went nuts over their privacy and a good population have applauded 23-year-old Paul Biteng's skills because who the hell can do that? He's more of an asset than a threat,really. Now we know this isn't a laughing matter either because of the risk of identity theft or Phishing for other purposes. But for the love of privacy just please

Stop sharing the Comelec voter dump website!

Why? By sparking public panic, data thieves are already at their toes trying to break into bank accounts using YOUR information as we speak. By raising the general public's awareness, you're raising the awareness of those who steal information, too! The more people share it online, the more chances of more thieves coming across your private information. So be a responsible citizen and take your post down or tell your friend to do so because it's not doing anybody favors.

As of this writing, there's still no news as to what the government is doing about it but what we know is that Biteng is still being detained. If for anything, this should also be a wake up call for major entities that receive private user information on the daily to employ higher security measures and test it out just like how Biteng did.

If you find out of the ordinary activity within your private accounts (such as your credit card company), report them immediately to your credit card company or provider.

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