Marko is the man behind Bootleg Gold.

Sounding fresh and looking fresh, Marko will take you to a journey to the past and give you a taste you will look forward to every Friday.

He drives the ship called "experience" and showers you with the hits you have loved and will forever love… the 80’s rock.

Let Marko accompany you to the time when music was still real andyou will be banging your head to satisfaction—the way you did before.

As lively as Marko sounds on air, you have to wait until you meet him in person. He has a lot in store for you from talks to jokes... you'll never get bored as long as he is around.

Truly versatile, Marko proves to be one of the most refreshing voices on air so glue yourself to the speakers every Friday from 6PM to 8PM and bang that head, rocker.