Enjoy the luxurious life. #hilatalikeatilapia


The Bellevue Resort gives out stunning themed parties to its guests. On the first night, we had a Coachella themed dinner at the beach front. Teepees were lit up, and the tables set on the sand and had an exquisite spread. The food was varied and delicious, and to this day, I am still obsessed with their cream of pumpkin soup with coconut cream. Al Ladaga of Marketing and Communications assured me that despite the theme of the evening, I was welcome to order anything on the menu because they know that there are people with dietary restrictions (or healthy restrictions).


The past and future teepees walked into the beach party. It was tents.


No better place to party than the beach. Enough sand.


John M will eat you.

Chef Eugene delivers the punch with every meal that he put on our table. For their buffet breakfast, they have a delectable selection of food. During my entire stay, I’ve had their salads, fruits, congee, spring rolls, sikwate, and if there’s a singular dish I would recommend, that would be their seafood laksa! You’ll get lost in time. (Before we knew it, we had to hurry to make it to our call time! You were warned.)

The staff does their best to please you. In one conversation with Malyn Magdua, their F&B Supervisor, I mentioned their cream of pumpkin and she had them cook it on my last morning at the resort. That is the most thoughtful gesture ever! No other hotel has done that for me (because who am I anyway?)

Since we’re on the subject of breakfast, a friend back in Manila has been raving about their bacon here, so I had John try it. It was like a party in his mouth and every taste bud got drunk. Same friend has spent some months in Bohol, and he says hands down Bellevue has the best breakfast buffet. My two mornings there has me agreeing – and I’m the one with dietary restrictions.

One last thing about parties and food will be this little tip: Remember that presidential suite? You can rent that place for a private party, too!