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A nice getaway adventure far out from the busy city would be best compared to going to clubs or act like you are having dinner with friends when you are actually just staring at your phones the whole time.

An experience can never be bought the same way how you can buy an overpriced gadget. A perfect vacation is remarkable and will always leave a spot on your mind or heart, wherever this may be.

There are countless white sand beaches and more undiscovered tourist spots laying on the land of Cebu. Most people would directly go to well-recognized places like Bantayan or Camotes and on the South side, Santander or Argao. These places that I have mentioned are quite familiar to most people already but little do they know that there are other towns with breathtaking spots waiting to be seen. The city that I have been trying to tell you since the start of this article is, the city of Tabuelan.

Tabuelan City lies on the north face of Cebu. It only takes two hours to get there, whether you are passing the adventurous way starting in Balamban or taking the city road that is recommended for people that is not that familiar with pure quest.

Our eyes are very immune with beach scenery as we are surrounded by them. But for me, I still want to broaden my mind with more ecstatic places that is just within reach by Cebuanos anytime. When I went to Tabuelan, I stayed in the beach house of my friend, Aiyk. I was definitely in awe of her hospitality as she welcomed me into her home out of the city. I was such in admiration as I watched the open water that was so clear and magnificent waving right at me. All I was thinking was how it would look like when the sun sets on that specific area – beautiful! The sand was clean, white and fine and as the tide got low, tiny starfish swam their way to the shore. It was adorable!

There are resorts in Tabuelan City that are also affordable. If you do not want to stay in overnight, you can always just visit in the day and enjoy the beautiful unexploited beaches that must be visited before you go anywhere else outside Cebu City.

Exploring outside the box, Beyond Cebu!

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