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Burger shacks have been – and still are – opening up from every corner around the island. A Cebuano’s undying love for these amazing sandwiches cannot be made any more obvious by the number of varieties that are popping up every now and then.

But if you do take your patty seriously, and would rather gorge yourselves in quality beef than drown in questionable meat ratios, then we have found the right place for you.

With walls adorned with cheerful messages written by their customers, Black Iron presents itself as a carefree inn with a very simple menu. It’s not just another greasy spoon. The restaurant is clean, cozy, with enough seating space to house everyone on a busy day. Considering that there is a wide array of burgers out there, Black Iron doesn’t settle for the usual. They keep their meat pure – shunning all unnecessary seasonings, letting the natural flavours do the talking, while you on the other hand, are given the role of God to garnish the carne according to your liking. You are the Schwarzenegger of your own burger.

As you enter and take a seat, you are given a menu containing an assortment of buns, condiments, garnish and side dishes. You are even capable of customizing your meat; from size, thickness, to species. I will admit. I might have exaggerated a tad on the latter, but I’d like to assume that you do get my point. Think of it as a simple government form that you have to fill up. Only this time, someone’s actually giving you something in return, instead of taking.

“How does it taste?” you might ask. It tastes absolutely spectacular. I had to tell myself I couldn’t have an Angus cattle as a pet for fear that it might “accidentally” end up on my dinner table, while I wolfed down my serving. This shouldn’t be a surprise since Black Iron is the only restaurant in Cebu that is a member of the American Beef Club.

Had a bite of the burger but still looking for more? Try their premium-cut steaks, aged for a week or more into perfection. They also serve a heaping slice of pork chop which happens to be one of their best-sellers. I can’t begin to explain how good the food is. So I suggest you find out yourselves and head down to the Ginza Compound in J. Panis Street, Banilad and give Black Iron a try. They’re open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11:30 in the morning to 9:30 in the evening.

Check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/blackironcebu