‘Pepper Spray’ by Dawin

  • Dawin’s music career made its worldwide debut with his 2014 viral hit, Just Girly Things. The song became popular when the singer used it in one of his Vine clips.
  • Pepper Spray is a song written by Dawin made specifically for his haters and for the people who didn’t believe in him. In the song, Dawin is basically telling his haters he can go from “0 to 100” in a flash.
  • Dawin’s real name is Dawin Polanco. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He became really popular in the Philippines after featuring many Filipino backup dancers in his music videos.


‘Waterfall’ by Stargate ft. P!nk & Sia

  • "Waterfall" is the debut solo single by Norwegian production duo Stargate. The duo is consists of two 45-year old men and they are now both based in New York City.
  • The song was written by the Stargate duo, alongside Diplo, Sia and Jr. Blender. It is also reported that it was  Sia's idea to recruit P!nk to be featured in the song.
  • One member of Stargate owns one third of the award-winning Norwegian St. Lars restaurant in Oslo together with international TV-chef Andreas Viestad.


Did you know that Dua Lipa’s father is a famous rock star from the country of Kosovo?

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