Debut: “Please Me’ by Cardi B & Bruno Mars

  • The latest collaboration between Bruno Mars and rapper Cardi B, “Please Me” was released just a day after Valentine’s Day. This smooth slow R&B jam is one of Bruno’s most sensual tracks, an ode to sexual pleasure.


  • Since the release of their first true smash-hit single “Shut Up and Dance” in 2014, Walk the Moon has become a household name across the globe. Due to this modern rock band’s increasing success, they even opened for one of the world’s biggest rock acts – MUSE – just this year.  Now the band is promoting their new album, which includes the WT20 hit, Timebomb, by touring across North America until June. They are scheduled to perform at the much awaited Hangout Festival in Alabama this May along with Khalid, Kygo, and Jimmy Eat World among others.

Fearless Forecast – “Big Plans” by Why Don’t We

  • The latest single from this American pop band,  “Big Plans,” is a fun, catchy track in which the members of Why Don’t We ask a girl to “take a chance” with them in a relationship.

#1Thick and Thin” by LANY

  • Thick and Thin”, written by LANY’s own Paul Klein, describes the feeling of confusion after a breakup. According to Paul Klein, this relationship was such a solid testimony of love and commitment, that he was at the point where he could envision being this woman’s long-life partner. However, thanks to an argument and their resulting change of heart, Klein can no longer believe so strongly in their future.