Really now?

Swedish inventors MyFC have recently introduced JAQ, their second-gen product capable of fully recharging a phone by simply slipping a super light, thin salt-and-water-filled card into it. This proves that hydrogen fuels aren't just for powering drones or for futuristic underwater cities after all!


It's really cool that more inventors and innovators come up with energy-efficient and natural sources of energy. Of course, the product's name is purposefully ironic, since you'll no longer be constrained by having to find a wall jack to recharge your external battery, phone and whatever small USB devices you don't want drained. So how does it work? According to myFC's website:

"Electricity is self -generated when a fresh PowerCard is inserted into the JAQ charger. The inserted PowerCard then provides 1800 mAh to enable a full smart phone charge. Once your charge is complete, you remove the single-use PowerCard and throw it away. The card and its fuel are made from recycled materials, water and salt. After use, the card can be disposed of as regular waste."

That's pretty neat, right? Convenience can now be synonymous to being environmentally friendly. Fuel cell technology is a green way of producing electricity.

It doesn’t use any fossil fuels and doesn’t generate any residuals products.

Global warming, climate change and gradual depletion of natural resources have been prevalent issues ever since we could remember. MyFC and other inventors that capitalize on natural sources of energy can definitely change the whole technological landscape while helping in saving the world.

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