Jiggy Teaches How to Host

Aside from hosting his morning show, Jiggy Jr does some hosting duties for events too!

Jiggy Jr. is up for today’s Y101 Talks! The Breakfast Of Champions is here to start off the week the right way as he shares his thoughts, feelings, what he’s been up to and what he ISN'T up to, right here, right now.

Jiggy Jr, once called The Talking Parrot of the Airwaves, is undoubtedly a person who loves to talk. He is also fond of making everyone around him feel happy. He is very energetic, and very lively. That’s why aside from making people smile on his radio show every morning on Jiggy in the Morning, he also likes to extend that action into the night!

Our morning man is also really good at recharging everyone even at night time events. There are certain gatherings that need uplifting, and Jiggy Jr’s the right man for the job. When you see Jiggy host an event, there’s no doubt that you’ll instantly spot a natural. Cos that’s what he was born to do; make everyone laugh and have a good time.

His most useful take on the tutorial---interaction. No one wants to see you blabber and talk by yourself no matter how interesting the subject may be. Always talk to the audience as if they’re your friends. Engage them in a playful banter and always engage the crowd on what the dominant market is, to be able to cater to their type of style, humor and even interests.

Catch Jiggy Jr every Mondays to Fridays on his morning radio show Jiggy in the Morning (6-10am), only here at the rhythm of the city, Y101, Always First.