Dark, glittery navy blue nails

We use and abuse our hands and feet on the daily- why not show them some love?

For those who aren't into makeup that much, having nice clean nails is essential to look polished and presentable. However, if you're like the typical girly-girl that can't get enough of trends, try some of these ideas!

Dark, glittery navy blue nails.
Best used with: Short, square-shaped nails.

Navy isn't new but give it a refreshing twist that resonates with this season's cold and morose weather- some glitter or a frosty sheen. It's also recommended to use a matte top coat too- the glitters look extra dimensional with this trick.

Warm beige.
Best used with: Your natural nail form- and do keep them short.

Warm beige

Nudes and neutral girly pinks never go out of style- but go retro with a sexy, creamy beige reminiscent of makeup and glam from the '70s. Make sure its opaque, warm in tone and definitely shiny. This looks good on a range of skin tones too! You can even opt for metallic finishes too that best match with the neutral metallic lip trend.

Charcoal gray.
Best used with: Rounded or semi-rounded nails. Sexy!

Charcoal gray

Dark, deep, moody and ultra modern! It's a hot hue thats seen on the latest runway shows and fashion spreads dedicated to winter collections. Ditch your favorite black lacquer and try this to feel fresh.

Classic apple red.
Best used with: Just about any nail style, really.

Classic apple red

Breathe life into gloomy days with this classic hue. It's bright, glossy and matches any skin tone!

Metallic silver.
Best used with: Short, natural nails.

Metallic silver

With this shade, its definitely a party! This is said to be Miley's favorite look too! It's safe to say metallics are making a comeback.

Seafoam green.
Best used with: Any shape and length, but looks ultra-cool with long, square-shaped nails.

Seafoam green

This is a season when seafoam green is in fashion and Brandon Boyd couldn't be prouder. It may be gloomy outside but that's not an excuse to add some sunshine into your tips.

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